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  1. 'Jewish Land Claims Examined'
  2. Thank you for writing this book...
  3. Global Chemical Pollution

'Jewish Land Claims Examined'

Your work here is solid food for the hungry. Congratulations for a good work!

I'm sending you an article I did along this same theme, entitled,


Thank you for writing this book...

Mr. Lucas,

Thank you for writing this book and making it available online.

Your book very clearly shows how our society has been "conditioned". I look around me and see people that are far more intelligent than I and become frustrated that they do not care about what is happening in the world around them. They do not want to be made to feel "uncomfortable". I have had people tell me they do not wish to talk to me. That I am too serious.

I am becoming more and more isolated with friends and family that have not opened their eyes to what is happening. Even the very religous ones. I have been stuggling with my own faith and your book has helped put things in perspective for me. Reading your book makes me feel less alone. I too have a gut instinct. And I think yours is right on target. Again, thank you.

Leta Licata

Global Chemical Pollution

Hi Michael

I went to Channel Z to listen to you and followed the link to your web site. I was interested in your online books and while reading through the index of New World Order was pleased to find a chapter on Chemicals. You make some very good points but seem to have missed the point of the chemical agenda which is, in my opinion, a very clever part of the evil plan of dehumanisation and depopulation.

Global Chemical Pollution is damaging the health of millions of people, besides the planet and other life on it.

We have severe outdoor air pollution from industry, land and air traffic, agriculture, etc. Indoor air pollution from the multitudes of toxic synthetic chemical products. Our food and water has been poisoned with additives. Add to this vaccinations, dangerous chemical prescription drugs, pesticide and derivatives, fallout from weapons of war and space travel.

Many millions of civilians and military worldwide, including babies and children, have already been seriously chemically injured and are having a very miserable even hellish existence trying to survive in this severely toxic environment.

The clever part is that the public think (because of mind-control advertising) that they have to have all the toxic products in their homes and on their bodies. Not only are they themselves becoming toxic but their use of the products make it almost impossible for those with chemical sensitivities to have any quality of life. A person with sensitivities must/can withdraw from society and make their own home safe but their families, friends and neighbours can make their lives hell by their continued use of toxic products.

I'm sure you already know all this and just haven't got around to writing about it yet.

I'd just like to refer you to one of hundreds of web sites that are dedicated to raising awareness of toxic synthetic chemicals and chemical injury.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Global Recognition Campaign

Thank you for all you are doing and good luck for the future.

All the best


Note: some of these topics are brought up in various chapters, but most prominently in chapters 6, and 27 of "Satan's Government".  -webmaster - All content Copyright © Michael Joachim Lucas