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The 'Christian Church' - May 9th, 2006

Greetings Michael,

It was with some amazement that I quickly read your on-line book, Satan’s Government, recently... because it expresses almost exactly the conclusions I have reached in just the past few years. You have spelled out the quintessential problem facing the human race-- and why we can never hope to deliver ourselves from it no matter how much brain-power or money we throw at it. And, like you, I too am a follower of Jesus Christ; I hesitate to use the cheapened term ‘Christian’ because of what it has come to mean these days. But I agree fully-- the only hope for humanity is the return of Jesus. And it can’t happen soon enough, for my likes.

Several years ago, I wrote a book entitled ‘The Efficiency Paradox.’ In it, I elaborate on the observation that despite all kinds of sophisticated management ‘science,’ and measurement practices, our systems (financial, transportation, education, medical, etc.) are all becoming less efficient by any objective, external criteria. My thesis was that every sub-system measures its efficiency in purely ‘local’ terms-- but in making themselves more efficient, they make the overall system (society, if you will) less efficient. Other writers have skirted a similar theme, but none highlighted it as, I feel, my book did. However, by the time I had it ready for print, I had already come to the same realization that you so aptly present in your book. I realized that although my thesis is correct-- it’s a moot point! Even if someone were to take my views seriously, and even attempt to implement more global efficiency criteria-- it wouldn’t matter a whit. The whole system is being deliberately, consciously, and maliciously propelled toward looming disaster. As you state, there is only one agency in creation that could coordinate such a diabolical plan over the millennia-- and that is Satan.

As you indicate, Satan accomplishes his horrific plot by using a few select individuals who are ensconced in highly influential positions around the world. By manipulating these pawns, Satan has kept the world in a constant state of chaos over the ages, while at the same time, molding events towards some culmination. You pulled away the blinders to show the reader the main techniques Satan uses to subtly achieve his ends. I like the way you point out that you are not condemning all persons who work for governments, or corporations, or schools, or pharmaceutical companies, etc. or even those institutions themselves, but demonstrating how they are all orchestrated as players in Satan’s master scheme of global domination and destruction. Your pointing out the age-old, ‘left-right,’ liberal vs. conservative dichotomy was very illuminating. This dichotomy is a real thinking trap, channeling people’s thinking into either of two dead-ends (often). The invention of paper money, later warped into ‘fiat’ money, and the exultation of ‘science’ (another created term) are two more key elements of the Satanic plan that you clearly unmask.

Your revealing of the growing urbanization of humanity into centrally controlled and governed enclaves that are totally dependent on external, often artificial sources of food, water, and power was a most important piece of the puzzle. We have been sold the tale that our cities are the epitome of civilization-- while the truth is that they are potential death traps, as demonstrated by the ice-storms you cited, and by other recent disasters. This separation of humans from the natural environment renders them, as you state, open to a pseudo-religion of scientific materialism that masquerades as their salvation, but is really proving to be their destruction. (Are you aware of the book ‘The Ingenuity Gap,’ by Thomas Homer-Dixon, a prof at U. of Toronto? He argues that our technical systems have become so entrenched and precariously balanced on the presumption that ‘everything will work okay,’ that we are in serious peril of a major, global disaster of some kind.)

Again, your analysis of the social order, or rather disorder, is very insightful. No doubt, your critics will accuse you of having no credentials to discuss these issues; but that simply proves your point about our ceded reliance on self-certified ‘professionals’ to direct every aspect of our lives. Besides, what those arrogant experts invariably fail to do is to view their ‘discipline’ through spiritual eyes. Like the blind men feeling a part of the elephant, they have no idea what the creature really looks like under the material surface. When you state that the system keeps its subjects in a frenzy of activity-- Tofler’s ‘future shock’, the race for riches, the scramble to ‘succeed’-- you identify a deliberate force intended to break down the family, and keep people’s minds in a vague state of disorientation that is ideal for feeding them the illogical, self-destructive policies that have pushed us to this unsavory state. Few people have any energy or inclination to stop jogging on this treadmill long enough to consider the whole picture. Otherwise, our political servants of Satan would never have been able to enforce the insane ‘war on drugs,’ just as you describe. The attacks of Satan may be in the material plane, but the results are spiritual disintegration.

Your deconstruction of our illusory world of ‘free enterprise,’ and ‘democratic government,’ is again, right on target. We live our entire lives in the fairy tale world of demonically inspired illusion. Yet, whenever an ‘awakened soul’ comes along and tries to inform people that they are under a spell, the latter hate to hear such truths, and they do whatever necessary to silence the ‘troublemaker.’ It is a sad, strange phenomenon of human nature that most people just don’t want to hear any truth that may disturb their comfortable delusions! The Oracle of Delphi was doomed never to be believed; the prophets of Israel were stoned for their warnings of divine retribution; and today’s truth-tellers are disgraced in the media, lose their careers, or... die in mysterious ‘accidents’ or of ‘sudden illnesses.’ It’s a sorry record, and hardly encouraging for those, like us, who value truth and want to warn a world in perilous slumber.

While I concur wholeheartedly y with your premise, I hope you can be as open-minded about readers’ comments as you would like them to be with your writing. (And BTW, your writing, in terms of style, spelling and grammar, is very good-- something one does not always find in the ‘alternative press.’) There are a few small points on which my opinion does not fully coincide with yours, and I mention a few below.

You state that the media are (note: plural subject takes plural verb form) not self-serving yet they manipulate public opinion, often blatantly. Wouldn’t you agree that, today, the media are themselves big corporations, hence their propagandizing for the corporate agenda is indeed, self-serving in a bi g way? And this is a good point to mention that the boards of directors of many major corporations often contain the same ‘power brokers’ who exert their influence across these various business interests. This is a relatively small point, but fairly important, I think, because it implies that you should be prepared to accept that the ‘image of the beast’ may turn out to be something rather different than your suspect, the mass media. I don’t hold an inflexible notion of what constitutes the ‘beast’ and its ‘image,’ but I will propose something different below, following the next important piece that I believe you missed. That is, either you chose not to mention it for ‘good motives’ (which you’ll see), or you haven’t quite come to the point of being able to acknowledge it.

You see, Michael, what I’m getting at is that one of the biggest corrupt influences in our modern world is none other than-- the ‘Church!’ Sad to say, but the church that calls itself Christian is one of the biggest of Satan’s deceptions. As I speculated, maybe you already know this-- I suspect you must-- but you didn’t want to mention it in your book because you don’t want to discourage non-Christians from considering Christ as the ultimate answer. I can understand that logic, though I think it is dangerous. Alternatively, you may not agree that the entire ‘Christian Church’ (such as it is) is as much under Satan’s dominion as any other worldly institution. If that is the case, I would like to dialog with you on this topic, since I have no doubts at all, based not just on my experience, but on scripture itself.

I will assume that you support this claim since, after all, the churches, or rather religions, are all concoctions of human design, organized and run by human minds, and have a historical track record of dismal deportment in exhibiting the grace of Christ. In other words, religions have behaved essentially as their secular counterparts in the political and economic spheres. So, I believe that it is not a good strategy to neglect to include organized religion among the bad actors manipulated by Satan, for these reasons:

1) scripture indicates in the eschatological passages (Daniel, Revelation, Matthew 24, etc.) that at the end of the age, the ‘woman’ is seen riding upon the ‘beast.’ Now, without going into a lot of scholarly sounding verbiage, we know that a woman represents ‘the church’ (ie. the company of believers) because of several prophetic passages that use this imagery. We know that a beast represents a kingdom or government (because scripture tells us explicitly). Hence, the ‘scarlet woman’ (harlot) riding the beast, symbolizes government that has come under the influence of corrupt religion. We see examples of that today, as the ‘Christian right’ under a ‘Judeo’ (really Zionist) banner, exerts growing pressure on the White House, presently occupied by a self-proclaimed ‘born-again’ Christian.

2) for many of your thinking readers, it’s already obvious. Discerning observers can see clearly that the present-day ‘Christian Church’ is hardly better, in many ways, than Islamic fundamentalism. To imply that the Christian faith is, somehow, free of Satanic infiltration, is to cast an unfortunate aspersion over the whole book, which is undeserved and unproductive.

3) it’s of vital importance that every reader understand that one of Satan’s main strongholds is the mainstream, official, Church organization, that calls itself Christian. This has to be done in the same careful manner that you employed in underscoring that criticism of government or other institutions does not mean that everyone in them is evil. Both nominal Christian readers and non-religious (or non-Christian) readers have to be informed that what they think is the ‘Christian religion’ (as exhibited by the multi-splintered face of the modern Church) is NOT true Christ-based faith at all. (I’ve written extensively on this topic, and would be prepared to share my essays with you.)

Michael, as good as your book is, I believe it is incomplete as it now stands, without the inclusion of a major, essential piece of the ‘end times,’ Satanic conspiracy-- namely the corruption and co-opting of the Christian religion. Presently, point no. 1, above, appears unlikely, since the corporate rulers of the New World Order are undeniably atheist. Yet Satan desires worship, and it is well reported that the human conspirators behind the NWO are heavily involved in satanic ritualism. One has to speculate that at some moment this occult religion will be revealed and presented as beneficial to its followers. Just as you commented that the ‘system’ prepares the populace for certain outcomes by means of media brainwashing/propaganda techniques, in the same way, Satan’s top-level puppet masters behind the scenes like to telegraph their nefarious intentions ahead of the events by various means such as Hollywood movies, ‘speculation pieces’ in the news, etc. (This happened prior to the ‘911 attacks,’ for example.) This use of ‘false prophecy’ and numerology is part of the satanic cult, and we can expect to see more of it... if we have eyes, then, to see.

Earlier, I mentioned that there may be alternate interpretations of the ‘beast,’ the ‘image,’ and the false prophet of the book of Revelation. Allow me, please, to suggest another view. I venture that the beast is ALL false religion, all those systems based on paganism, salvation by works, and denying the efficacy of the cross of Christ. The false prophet I would nominate as being modern scientific materialism-- not regarded as a religion per se, yet pursued with the same zeal, and offering its bogus 'gospel' of 'the Theory of Evolution' as its only cosmology and hope for mankind. It is truly a 'false prophet' to humanity! In Biblical times, it existed as basic atheism and the exaltation of mankind as his own god. The attempt to inject an explanatory mechanism into 'Evolution' is called 'survival of the fittest,' and quite appropriately, encapsulates Satan's essential, competitive and self-centered outlook in all things.

Therefore, bearing in mind that Revelation is a book of symbolism, the 3 entities cast into the lake of fire, are apparently, 1) Satan (the 'Dragon'), and the demonic spirits that inspire 2) apostate religion, (the beast’) and 3) scientific materialism (the ‘false prophet’).

However, I’m not dogmatic about this interpretation; it makes sense to me (now). In fact, it is entirely possible for scripture to have multiple meanings simultaneously, so it is hardly worthwhile to insist on any single one, right?

In any case, there’s no doubt that your book will upset many readers. As I mentioned before, human nature seems to abhor any truth that threatens to upset our comforting preconceptions. More than that, the atheists are so disgusted with the conduct of the religionists over the ages that they can’t suspend their suspicions long enough to be objective. The ‘gay community’ (lovely euphemism, isn’t it?) and their ‘enlightened, politically correct’ supporters will be mightily aggrieved by your condemnation of their sexual preferences. The ‘experts’ will get their professional dander up and question your credentials to indict them. And so on it will go. Like the sower of the seeds in Jesus’ parable, you will have to be content to let the Holy Spirit cultivate the seeds you sow with this book. May God bless this book you have made available to interested readers at this critical time in human history.

Michael, I pray you will have much success in reaching a confused world.
Yours sincerely,
John Krzyzewski

'time is up' - Aug 16th, 2006

no reply nessesary: admit it 'time is up' Satan has won
This is the story of the end of Man
Though this was not the intended plan
He who builds his empires from greed exploiting the weaker kept in need
will find that only empty death ultimately results from any evil deed
Empires rise and then they fall
Humans remain oblivious to the cause, remain in awe
insane in circles they all go
In false delusions of grandeur putting on a show
Brainwashed by religions, that make them all clay pigeons
worshipping what demands their complete obedience and submission
Trained robots without independent thought
Only pride keeps them so devout
The education system has one clear mission
To render them incapable of making any wise decision
Creative artists have all been profanely shut out, and exiled rudely
Replaced by Hollywood's star system of idolizing a few who feign talent with beauty
Art that is but blotches and stains
is all that now remains
Discordant music that kills plants
Is all that the rubble needs or wants
The human race has had all the time it takes to achieve a heaven on this earth
But humans believing that only power over others has worth have achieved Hell 'the reverse'
Instead of evolving they have backslid into manipulative cunning Beasts
Who's penchant for sadism and cruelty is beyond belief
The wages of sin is death
the pages of history are red with the blood of violent theft
for mankind there can never be enough ignorance, poverty prisons and wars
the magic fountain from which all wealth and power pours
All wealth power and privilege is obtained
from evil hands that are blood stained
all wealth is generated from the heinous sins of your heroes
who are in truth cowardly zeros
the strong exploit the weak, keep them down and make them meek
then pretend false charity, disparity that is all double speak
the human race has waisted all it's time on earth not evolving but doing the reverse
their enjoyment of sadism and cruelty is their curse
what you give is returned to you in kind
by nature it will be mirrored back you will find
when the Earth spins out of control and darkness sets for three days in a row
the end is near at hand
death will come for mortal man
who emotes only from the emotions of selfishness and fear
and has lived in sin for hundreds of thousands of years
in greed, lust, vanity, anger. sloth, pride,and jealousy
never knowing unconditional brotherly love was the key
that could have set them free

Jennifer Chen
jenchen AT cox DOT net

'great insight, very lucid.' - May 3rd, 2006

Hello Michael!
Thank you for providing your books to be read online. WOW!! great insight, very lucid. Please accept my thanks for your work.


'Kenites' - Sept 11th, 2006

i am currently reading your book and find it very well done.i am a Christian that has been doing research on this very issue for more than 27 years.It is somewhat a major part of a ministry that has been entrusted to me by our Heavenly Father.In the 27 plus years i have come to learn a few things and one of them is the exact name of the tribe of people that are the actual descendants of Satan right from the Garden of Eden that are alive and well today. These people are called the "Kenites" in the Old Testament and Jesus also spoke of them in the book of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.The Kenites are the actual descendants of Cain the first child of Satan in the Garden of Eden and Eve was the Mother.These people today are called in "pop culture", "the shadow government" or the "New World Order". Both Jesus and Paul taught this doctrine.i looked through the contents of your book for a reference to the Kenites name but did not see one, so this is why i have mailed this to you, simply as a service.If this does not fit into what you have been taught then please put it on the shelf and go on as i will not be offended at all, as i am not out to make converts of any kind.Since i have been taught to understand the names of these people i simply pass it on to you for what is is worth.i would like to hear back from you though as i think you are a great writer.You do not have to agree with me to communicate, i am not easily offended and for someone to tell me they do not agree with a teaching i have does in no way offend me.Thanks for the great book,

Gabe Gabriel
arcturas AT ont DOT com - All content Copyright © Michael Joachim Lucas